Executive Architects

With more than 30 years experience of delivering major capital projects internationally and including within the UK, G&J have been approached by architects overseas requiring Executive Architect duties for schemes in the UK.

in 2007 Kisho Kurakawa, architect in Tokyo, Japan requested services to realise his concept scheme for a Maggie’s Centre in Swansea, south Wales. Sadly, early on in the process KK died and G&J completed the job undertaking almost full architectural services for the scheme. Maggie’s South West Wales went on to win several national awards.

later in 2007 Magma Architecture, Berlin, Germany, requested services to realise a major refurbishment and remodelling project for Nexus Productions, Shoreditch, London. G&J provided services including

  • securing of permissions
  • engineering appointment and coordination
  • procurement services
  • project management
  • cost control
  • site administration

in Spring 2012, G&J were appointed by a leading NYC, USA museum to act as Executive Architect for a renowned Belgian practice to realise a community Arts project. Services included

  • securing permissions
  • community advocacy
  • localproject management
  • buildability, cost and procurement advice

The project progressed well but was finally not realised through lack of Client sponsorship funding.

in 2013 we were appointed by Studio Daniel Libeskind, NYC, USA to act as UK representative architect for support duties in the realisation of a new Physics faculty building at Durham University. Duties include

  • support in securing Permissions
  • Client User group work and development of the Brief
  • community advocacy

UK design team meeting attendance and coordination

  • specification writing
  • procurement representation
  • site representation

The Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics was completed in Autumn 2016. It has already won the local City of Durham Trust Architectural Award 2016, as well as an RIBA NorthEast Award 2017, crediting Garbers & James as Additional Architect.