Garbers & James (GJ) was commissioned by Small Beer Brew Co. (SBBC) to design a functional space with a clean, contemporary look appropriate to launch a fresh and entirely new concept in brewing. The scheme reflects SBBC’s own mission to deliver a high quality, sustainable product with a positive impact on the community.

GJ compactly planned functional elements including plant room; malt store and general storage; kitchen, WCs, showers and ancillary spaces; as well as customer-facing bar, break-out space, board room, meeting rooms and working library mezzanine. The concept manifests itself as a bar-like building docked onto the back southern wall, with a strict internal facade line established to maximise the open brewery production area. The central open mezzanine space maintains the light and spatial qualities of the whole facility, and provides a good vantage point from which to appreciate the complete brewing operation.

A future-proofed package allows for SBBC’s planned expansion of its range of slow brew, high quality lower alcohol beers. The modest existing entrance immediately reveals the tasting and events bar on a central axis, dramatically enhanced by the array and scale of the impressive stainless steel vessels and associated production hardware.

Care has been taken to ensure that production can co-exist alongside a growing programme of brewery events including live music, yoga, stand up comedy, theatre and private functions.

The repurposed warehouse space allows SBBC to perform efficiently with a crisp, functional aesthetic and the power to serve and engage with the local community and beyond.