golf tower


competition 2009

(honorable mention)

The competition demanded that this residential tower complex was fully structured and planned to local regulatory standards; provided basement parking, and could be provisionally costed to achieve the Client's budget.

This Tower's form generates wide-open vistas on a double aspect basis, bringing light fully into the depth of each of the apartments' expansive interiors.
External facades maximise views through glazing that is privately recessed, accessed and enjoyed from timber decked balconies.
Solid curved wall panels are prefabricated, high performance, low energy units with richly coloured glossy and highly durable powder coating.
The roof terrace continues the language of deck living, with the natural forms of the pool and roofscape elements being visually part of the surrounding city and landscapes that it surveys.
Parking is available for all apartments in the basement; a manned reception foyer and generous lift access ensures high quality living standards for all residents' families.